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Nancy Epstein has personally practiced hypnosis for over 30 years.  She has  inspired her clients to release their old habits and beliefs and create powerful and positive change.  Are you interested in  HypnoBirthing, improving overall health, managing stress, and experiencing well being in business and personal relationships.?  Call and let's discuss your goals and get you started living joyfully. with confidence and  greater success. 


Health in Body, Mind and Spirit

Our focus is to help individuals heal, feel energize and become aware of their inner strengths. Hypnosis is a resourceful tool for motivation, healing and rapid change for a vibrant life.




Our Technologically centered and fast paced world creates anxiety and distress.  Daily Self-Hypnosis practice allows us to evolve and adapt for calm,  balanced health, effective communication in interpersonal and business relationships and greater success. Hypnosis is a means for managing stress, personal empowerment and creating positive change at any stage in life.

Hypnosis for Healing in conjunction with Medical Provider


Fear and distress are some of the most common and uncomfortable emotions that we can experience when faced with surgery and recovery.  Through  Hypnotherapy you are able to recover motivation, perspective, heal and enjoy a positive outlook for the future.  

Relationship building tools for effective and healthful communication at all stages of life.


Hypnosis for Sports Success and pre and post surgerical healing.


 Hypnosis  augments surgical recovery and empowers young athletes  to reframe recovery goals,  accelerate healing and improve athletic performance training

Hypnosis for Enhancing Health and Wellbeing

Hypno Fertility

The Mongan Method for mitigating stress before procedures and enhancing healing.

 The Mongan Method -  HypnoBirthing International

Manage stress before procedures and enhance healing with Hypnotherapy. 

Workshops- Body, Mind and Spirit


 Mindful meditation, hypnosis and movement.  Private and Corporate Programs Offered



 Have the calm, loving and serene birth you dream about.  



What our clients have to say:


Although there are many physical actions a mother and her partner can take will help make the labor and delivery process successful.  Being mentally prepared was the most important aspect of my birthing experience.  Being one who likes to be in control, I was afraid of the unknown.  I was scared of what my body would be going through and wasn't sure if I could surrender to the experience of an all natural birth.  Nancy's calming euphoric presence and wonderful class helped me learn how to relax and calm my mind.  After meeting with my husband and I , Nancy designed a customized journey that was tailored to address, face and eventually free me of my fears concerning my labor and delivery.  She prepared us for my biggest feat yet - an all natural birth.   Utilizing the methods I learned and practiced with Nancy, I was able to stay relaxed, confident and determined during my 10 hour labor and was so happy to share my baby's first moments in this world without the use /effects of any drugs.  I wish I had recorded Nancy's voice to have with me whenever I needed some love and calm in my storm.  Thank you Nancy-
P.S.  True relaxation and the sensations that follow didn't come to me at first and I was a little skeptical, but with practice I learned how to relax and let go.  These are practices I have continued to use post partum and I know will help me for the rest of my life as I inevitably face new challenges.
-Katie Curtis, Los Angeles

 Nancy's Mode of Operation is to balance inquiry with a safe landing place for all communication.  She is provocative and her way of wandering through thought and feeling is prolific.  She has guided me many times to find my own questions and create an organic framework for the answers to come.  I highly recommend her for hypnosis, spiritual guidance or relationship help.  You will quickly come to rely on her as a sound resource, as I have.
- Joy Beland  LA IT GIRL, LLC.
Los Angeles, CA

Nancy Epstein is a calming presence with a plethora of helpful ideas for dealing with life, children and relationships in general.  She sees the best in people and is open enough to let them know...I know I can always count on (her) for a funny antidote and an empathetic shoulder.
- Patty B.,Westchester, CA

I have known Nancy for many years and employed her counsel on a number of occasions.  She has helped me navigate important career change and empowered me to improve personal and professional relationships.  She maintains high standards in terms of integrity in all that she does as she imparts that same desire in her clients.  I think that she is gifted with intuition and articulation when it comes to communicating and connecting with people.  Anything to do with being left handed?    :)
- Marcus S., Los Angeles


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